Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Kennedy Master Secrets are now in a new ebook for you.

Well, we are about half-way through getting it to all the distributors. 

Thought you'd like a peak at the cover and what to expect.

John E Kennedy Reason Why and Intensive Advertising

Yes, that's a new title - something a bit more dramatic.

It's fascinating to me that some marketers still don't use the industry standards laid out over a hundred years ago.

If they ever did take Kennedy's definition of advertising as "Salesmanship In Print," they'd change a lot of the trite and overused junk they pass off as the "latest" in gimmicks from self-styled "guru's."

I can't stop here and give you a full review at this point. As I said, I'm only half done with the 9 books (plus a couple more) that still need to go out to the top distributors. It's also coming out as a paperback, so you're double-blessed.

Got to run. Make sure you're subscribed (see the links on the upper right) and leave a comment if you have one...
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